Next Generation of Mining Software Repositories '14
(Pre-FSE 2014 Event)
Nov 15–16. HKUST, Hong Kong

    Program at a glance

    DAY 1
    14:00-17:00 Hiking @ Dragon's back
    (meet at 2PM @Redbird. See Map.)
    DAY 2 @ Council Chamber
    08:40 Check-in
    09:00 Opening
    Session Chairs: Sung Kim/Thomas Zimmermann/Ahmed E. Hassan/Yasutaka Kamei
    09:05-10:20 Session I [Mining Insight]
    Session Chairs: Sung Kim/Thomas Zimmermann
    Thomas Zimmermann Insight 2.0: Beyond the Repository
    Jim Whitehead On the Limits of Software Repository Mining
    Earl T. Barr Opening New Mines: Next Generation Data Sources
    10:20 Coffee break I
    10:50-12:30 Session II [Mining Action]
    Session Chair: Mijung Kim
    Lin Tan Making Mining Results Actionable!
    Emerson Murphy-Hill Mining Software to Enable Adaptive IDEs
    Yasutaka Kamei The impact of supercomputers on MSR
    David Lo What's Old, What's New, and What's Useful: Personalized Observatory of Software Development Gems and Perils
    12:30 Lunch
    14:00-15:15 Session III [Mining Infra/Tools & Mobile]
    Session Chair: Yida Tao
    Andreas Zeller Mining Apps for Abnormal Information Flow
    Mike Godfrey On the importance of stamp collecting
    Mei Nagappan Next Generation Challenges faced by Mobile App - Developers
    15:15-16:20 Poster Session & Coffee break II
    Jindae Kim, HKUST Change Genes: Fundamental Elements of Composable Changes
    Mijung Kim, HKUST SERF: Selecting Error-Revealing Failing Tests
    Miltos Allamanis, Uni. of Edinburgh Mining and understanding developer factions by their adherence to coding conventions
    Nicole Novielli, University of Bari Towards Discovering the Role of Emotions in Stack Overflow
    Fuxiang Chen, HKUST Crowd Debugging
    Xiaodong Gu, HKUST What parts of your apps are loved by users?
    JC Nam, HKUST Self-Training Based Defect Prediction
    Xin Yang, NAIST Categorizing Code Review Result with Social Networks
    16:20-17:35 Session IV [Repositories]
    Session Chair: Fuxiang Chen
    Reid Holmes Deriving Knowledge from Informal Online Source Code Resources
    Katsuro Inoue Challenges in Mining Whole Software Universe
    Tao Xie Towards Mining Software Repositories Research that Matters
    18:00 Dinner


    1. Ahmed E. Hassan (Queen's University)
    2. Thomas Zimmermann (Microsoft Research)
    3. Yasutaka Kamei (Kyushu University)
    4. Sung Kim (HKUST)
    Web Master
    Fuxiang Chen (HKUST)
    Candy Law (HKUST)


    Welcome to the official website of the Next Generation of MSR 2014!

    Over the past decade, the MSR community has grown at a tremendous rate. The impact of MSR on software research and practice is already visible, which is breath-taking for one of Software Engineering's youngest sub-fields.

    As we prepare for another decade of MSR successes and challenges, it is important to step back and reflect on viable future directions for MSR: What are the next grand challenges? What are promising data sources? How can we enable stronger adoption of our research?

    To address these issues, we have invited top researchers and they will give a short talk about next MSR challenges and promising research directions. After each talk, they will lead the discussion with participants.

    Venue @ Council Chamber (7th Floor, Rm 7336, Use Lift 13-15)

    Map (click for a larger map)

    Hiking @ Dragon's back (15 Nov, Sat 2PM)

    The Dragon's Back was hailed by Time Magazine as Asia's best urban hike: "This is the city┬┤s finest and most surprising ramble... The glory of it all is that you're so close to the city, but could hardly feel further away."